Monday, 19 November 2012

Collaborative Intomation Networks (CINets)

CINets (Collaborative Information Networks) are unique blends of people and information.networks.  These networks have been developed through   (see about) which hosts a variety of networks (see the FACTSnet Index).  Each network is hosted by a person (or group of persons) and is indexed by people involved in the network.  Committed network participants (see Participation in FACTSnet) know each other personally (see CINets and Other Media).  The people in the network  dialogue with each other in person and/or online to form a personified network (participants work together to personalize the network wherever possible). 

CINets and Other Media

Twitter:  Can be connection without commitment.
Facebook: Can be Friends without Friendship.
CINets: Can be commitment without spam.


FACTSnet was founded by FACTS (Family & Community Twining Society), whose mission and goals are to use the Internet as a tool for encouraging development and use of value-based media in community network development.

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